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Virtual Business Incubator

Also known as our Dream Business Program (to our participants)! If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about taking this program, click here to check it out! 

Let the untapped talent in your community unlock the secrets of entrepreneurial triumph with our Virtual Business Incubator (VBI). We know a business’s failure isn’t due to a flawed model but often a missing puzzle piece.

At Mashup Lab, we’re bridging the gap for early-stage entrepreneurs. Our program is designed to take prospective entrepreneurs off the sidelines and get them into the game by helping them figure out which pieces are necessary for their businesses to grow and succeed!

Are You Ready to Unleash the Untapped Talent in Your Community?

Our VBI has fostered over 100 businesses in 60+ rural Nova Scotia communities.

In 2021, we expanded to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Wisconsin. We’re dedicated to spreading our transformative impact even further!

How it Works

Our 6-week VBI is delivered virtually with up to 15 participants per cohort. Each week, participants enjoy 1.5-hour sessions led by a dedicated facilitator.

Our participants gain knowledge, resources, personalized coaching, mentorship, and a celebratory finale!

Learn about how you can help them on this transformative journey! 

What 6 Weeks in Our Program Looks Like!


Lay the foundation of your business model focused on the problem you are actually solving.


Continue with your business model to understand “gaps” in your plan and start goal-setting.


Identify your “riskiest” assumptions in your model and begin telling your story.


First customers and how to find them, testing ideas using minimal viable experiments.


Telling your story: from a one-liner to a pitch, ensuring clarity in your communication.


Revisit/revise goals, develop action plans, and prepare for the 90-day sprint.

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