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Building Dreams and Building Communities

Harmonizing Dreams

In the heart of the tight-knit community of Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, Nicole Deveau embarked on a journey revolving around building dreams and building communities. Her story is a testament to the power of community, perseverance, and the impact of the Dream Business Program.

Nicole’s dream started with a simple yet powerful idea: she wanted to establish a music school or studio. As a music teacher in the local school system, she understood the need for accessible music education within her community. Her vision was clear, but the path ahead was uncertain. Nicole recalls, “My business was opened, but I still had so many questions and was uncertain about what I was doing.”

A Melodic Journey

Nicole discovered the Dream Business Program through the recommendation of a friend (or was it an email?).

Nicole’s experience with the Dream Business Program was transformative. Despite her initial reservations about stepping out of her comfort zone, the program encouraged her to think beyond the confines of her initial vision. She explained, “I was in my box; I had my people and crew and was happy to stay there. As things progressed and I saw I could do it full-time, I realized I had to leave my comfort zone.”

However, the program’s real magic fostered a sense of community among its participants. Nicole vividly recalls, “Every time we had a sharing of an idea, the other participants could comment and give their ideas. Those were really beneficial.” The support and camaraderie within the group were priceless; they inspired creativity and innovation and instilled a sense of belonging.

Crescendo to Reality

Nicole intricately linked her dream to a specific place—a building in her community. She remembers telling her cousin, “Someday, I’ll be teaching there.” Little did she know that fate would align swiftly with her ambition.

Through a conversation with a family member of the building’s owners, Nicole’s dreams were about to turn into a reality. “They offered it to me before putting it on the market,” she shared with a smile. “I signed the papers and was able to get the building of my dreams.”

Community Symphony

Nicole transformed the building into a vibrant hub of musical education and community engagement filled with music, laughter, and learning.

Nicole’s dream business, now a thriving music school and studio, has become an integral part of the community. What began as private and group lessons have blossomed into diverse programs, including workshops, small concerts, and offerings for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

“The community has really embraced the space,” Nicole explains. “We have programs for newborns to seniors, homeschool families, and music classes for those with disabilities. We do all kinds of things.”

Her impact transcends the walls of her studio, as she has revitalized the local music scene, filling a void that had long existed.

Looking ahead, Nicole is determined to immerse herself in her music school fully. Her winter programs are thriving, and she has set her sights on expanding into the realm of tourism, building on the success of workshops temporarily halted during the pandemic.

Nicole’s journey inspires dreamers everywhere, demonstrating that dreams can become reality with vision, determination, and the support of a program like Dream Business, transforming not just individual lives but entire communities.

The Encore

For those contemplating whether it’s time to sign up for the Dream Business Program, here’s Nicole’s advice: “Why not give it a shot? All programs help refine your vision, and the conversations with fellow entrepreneurs are priceless. The program provides structure and order to your ideas. Most importantly, it assures you you’re not navigating this journey alone. The more connections you make, the more help you’ll find.”

Nicole’s story began with a building and a dream to unite her community through the magic of music. Today, it inspires all dreamers to embrace their visions and watch them turn into something truly extraordinary.

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