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About Us

Mashup Lab is a for-more-than-profit company based in a small rural community on the south shore of Nova Scotia. We aim to make entrepreneurship more approachable, getting aspiring entrepreneurs off the sidelines and into the game to create thriving rural communities throughout North America.

Founded in 2014, Mashup Lab has worked with nearly 3000 aspiring entrepreneurs in over 80 rural communities throughout rural North America,  supporting them along their entrepreneurial journey.

Our Vision

Our team believes that every idea has the potential to be successful and every community has the potential to thrive.

We recognize the vast number of small business ideas on the sidelines of every community. Many of these ideas never reach the start-up phase because the process seems too overwhelming or people aren’t sure if they have a viable business idea. We’re here to help get those entrepreneurs off of the sidelines and into the game!

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Our mission is to help rural entrepreneurs grow themselves, their businesses and their communities through programming and community.

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We provide entrepreneurs with the tools and education to grow their rural businesses.

We do this through our Virtual Business Incubator Program, customized virtual programs, workshops, events, and coworking spaces.

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We provide rural economic communities with the resources and tools to support their economic growth.

We create a community of rural entrepreneurs and provide them with tailored content and support that allows them to continue to have the confidence and mentorship they need to thrive in their community.

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