Helping rural entrepreneurs grow themselves, their businesses, and their communities.

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Rural Economic Development

Mashup Lab’s small business mentorship programs makes the idea of entrepreneurship more approachable. We provide the inspiration and resources to explore those rural business ideas, getting them off the sidelines and in to the game, while helping rural communities grow and become sustainable.

The urban ‘playbook’ for the entrepreneurial and start up ecosystem doesn’t work for rural economic development. ┬áLearn how Mashup Lab can help you develop the ‘playbook’ and fill some of the gaps you may be struggling with.

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Every idea has the potential to be successful, every community has the potential to thrive.

Entrepreneurship Programs

Virtual Business Incubator

Designed to provide prospective entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources they need to determine if there is a viable business behind their great idea.

Activation Events

Customized events to bring diverse groups of people and backgrounds together to get the creativity and entrepreneurial juices flowing!


A network of Rural Co-Working Spaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs and independents; home to Mashup Lab and other rural businesses.

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