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Modern Homesteading and Sustainable Living with Mistfit Acres NS

We are thrilled to spotlight one of our remarkable Dream Business Program alumni, Jenn Percy, the visionary behind Misfit Acres Nove Scotia, focusing on modern homesteading and sustainable living! Her journey from a dream to a business is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion. Let’s delve into her story.

Jenn’s introduction to Mashup Lab’s Dream Business Program was a serendipitous discovery through the Chamber of Commerce for Cumberland. Intrigued, she took a leap of faith, filling out the forms that would set her on a path to realizing her dream business.

From Homesteading to Entrepreneurship

Jenn, a first-generation homesteader, moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia for sustainable living and community support. Her business journey began with Misfit Acres NS, a homestead named after the unconventional “black sheep” of the family – the head misfit. Spanning 14 serene acres, Misfit Acres has become a haven for those seeking to belong.

Amidst the tranquillity, Jenn recognized a pressing issue close to her heart: food insecurity. Witnessing the wasteful disposal of perfectly edible “Misfit Food,” she decided to address this problem. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the vulnerability of our food supply chain, prompting her to establish a farm to allow for affordable, fresh produce.

Her initiatives include investment properties, DIY renovations and the creation of a community pantry. Not to mention, Jenn has compiled a cookbook she hopes to publish this year based on Feeding a Family using foodbank staples. She emphasizes the importance of businesses adopting sustainable practices to reduce food waste and contribute to social responsibility.

The Dream Business Program Impact

Reflecting on her experience with the Dream Business Program, Jenn notes her initial challenges and fears in the ten-week intensive program. However, as the weeks progressed, her confidence grew, and she began clearly articulating her business vision. The program’s impact on her confidence and belief in her mission was profound, transforming her initial pipe dream into a reality.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Momentum

As Jenn navigates the next steps in her entrepreneurial journey, she acknowledges the challenges of gaining momentum on social media. Her focus is on expanding the reach of her mission and encouraging businesses to adopt sustainable practices. She envisions creating a positive impact in her local community and globally.

Words of Wisdom 

Jenn encourages those contemplating joining the Dream Business Program: “Take a bet on yourself and do it.”

Final Thoughts

Jenn Percy’s story is a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship, self-belief, and community impact. Her dedication to sustainable living and community support resonates with the core values of Mashup Lab’s Dream Business Program. We look forward to witnessing Jenn’s dream business’s continued growth and success, with Misfit Acres Nova Scotia serving as a beacon for community, sustainability, and simplistic living.

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