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Developing Courage, Capacity, & Community – One Step at a Time

Meet Tamara!  OSAAT Farm’s Chief Idea Haver. OSAAT Farm is not just a place but a vision to build a community where families and youth come together to be the village they need. A sanctuary that echoes the values of One Step at a Time.

A Farm with a Purpose

At OSAAT Farm, the mission is clear—to support youth and young adults in developing the courage to try new skills and the capacity to turn those skills into meaningful employment or entrepreneurial opportunities. This dream business was born from a farm girl’s heart and passion for helping others. It is more than just a farm; it is a supportive program that helps individuals develop life skills, foster creativity, and build community.  

Creating a Space for Learning

The farm provides the space and land for everyone to come together. Rob is a journeyman carpenter gifted in many trades. He and a team of enthusiastic OSAAT Farm volunteers offer a range of classes and workshops. From re-wiring lamps, repairing drywall, and working in the store! The farm is a hub for learning overlooked essential life skills in today’s fast-paced world.

Repurposing for a Sustainable Future

In a disposable time where landfills are growing, OSAAT Farm stands out by providing an opportunity to purchase repurposed and repaired items and architectural salvage. Tamara’s vision is to divert items from waste to a new life, instilling pride in people for their work and saving money.

Advocating for the Underserved

Tamara has a background deeply rooted in advocacy and social services. As a small child, she would go to work with her Nanny at a residence and day program where she would help support her friends. As a parent, she saw the greatest need was to look out for those falling through the cracks, whether it was due to mental health challenges, disabilities or lack of meaningful or accessible programs. Her dream is to build opportunities for connection and advocate for a more inclusive and supportive world.

From Toy Shop to OSAAT Farm

Tamara’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2005 with a business focused on women’s sexual health and self-esteem. “It’s My Pleasure” was a space for women to gather, laugh and learn. It was a fabulous business; however, life changed when her family began fostering, and her purpose became more evident.  In 2022, the Thomson’s realized their dream, purchasing a beautiful farm property where their kids and others can have a place to face their struggles and break barriers. 

A Vision Beyond the Farm

Looking ahead, Tamara envisions OSAAT Farm as more than just a store and a seasonal haven. Located on a gorgeous property surrounded by water and nature, there is room for all events and gatherings. By refurbishing items at OSAAT Farm, she aims to highlight the value in things, people, and finding one’s gift.

The Dream Business Program Connection

Tamara’s journey with OSAAT Farm began to develop with the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Dream Business Program. Subsequently, she found herself in the Start Now Incubator Dream Business Program, a blessing in disguise that provided tailored planning, accommodated her ADHD, learning styles, and offered continuous support beyond the program’s completion.


Join the OSAAT Community

OSAAT Farm is not just a farm—it’s a journey towards courage, capacity, and community, one step at a time. Learn more and see what is coming up for them here!

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