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Redefine Health and Wellness with Kale Health Canada

Meet Dr. Jennie Ding, a passionate family physician and founder of Kale Health Canada! She is on a mission to redefine health and wellness through data-driven and evidence-based personalized programming. 

Passion for Preventative Medicine

Her Chinese heritage and upbringing influenced Dr. Ding’s journey, focusing on holistic preventative medicine and nutrition. Initially not interested in entering the medical field as a physician, Dr. Ding found inspiration through Dr. Atul Gawande’s work as a healthcare innovator, which led her to pursue a career in family medicine, focusing on delivering holistic and compassionate care in medical care, preventative care, and health education.  

Discovering Kale Health Canada and the Dream Business Program

Dr. Ding launched Kale Health Canada over a year ago with a deep passion for a holistic approach to preventative, evidence-based medicine and health plans. Initially offering overall health and wellness coaching, she needed to redefine her approach. The turning point came when she discovered Mashup Lab and the Dream Business Program through a Startup Canada newsletter, leading her to apply for the program.

Blood Sugar Defense Program

Around the same time she joined the Dream Business Program, Dr. Ding discovered she was prediabetic. Determined to reverse this condition naturally, she created a personalized program. The success of this self-designed program improved her well-being and became the catalyst for Kale Health’s new direction – the Blood Sugar Defense Program.

Mashup Lab’s Impact

Participating in the Dream Business Program was a game-changer for Dr. Ding. The six-week program gave her the confidence to take actionable steps, a supportive community, and invaluable knowledge from mentors like our facilitators, Melissa and Paul and our Program Manager, Darren.

Looking Ahead

Now, with the Blood Sugar Defense Program live, Kale Health Canada is actively reaching clients across Canada and the United States. The virtual nature of the program allows for widespread accessibility, offering services like personalized lifestyle and nutrition coaching, comprehensive tools on blood sugar control, including Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs), gut health testing kits, and virtual counselling for holistic wellbeing, Dr. Ding envisions further growth for Kale Health Canada, expanding resources available on the website and exploring additional program development. She is also keen on connecting with other accelerator programs for funding and support.

Empowering Others

Dr. Ding encourages individuals who might be hesitant about joining programs like the Dream Business Program, emphasizing that this opportunity gave her the confidence and community support she needed on her business journey. Her experience highlights the importance of taking that first step, even when uncertain.


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