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Embracing Dreams and Making a Difference

A Dream Awakens

Meet Levon Beck, a dedicated and compassionate student at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC).

Determined to positively change the lives of individuals who have experienced childhood trauma and those dealing with dissociative identity disorder (DID). Levon’s connection to DID fuels her passion for creating a supportive and empowering community.

Let’s journey through how Levon is embracing her dreams and making a difference with the help of the Dream Business Program (DBP).

In this program, she gained the tools, knowledge, and confidence to pursue establishing a non-profit organization.

Nurturing the Dream

Levon’s journey began with the discovery of the DBP through NSCC, introduced by an academic advisor.

The program immediately resonated with Levon, aligning with her desire to create a non-profit that supports trauma survivors and individuals with DID.

Levon envisions an approach that raises awareness while building a sense of community, including an art shop where members can display and sell their creations. She recognizes the therapeutic potential of art for those facing mental health challenges.

She understands trauma survivors’ unique struggles in securing traditional employment due to mental health issues, emphasizing the need for an alternative avenue.

The Dream Business Journey

The DBP played a pivotal role in helping Levon refine and structure her multi-faceted idea. Providing her with:

  • a structured approach to document her thoughts,
  • identify her target audience, plan funding sources, and
  • create a comprehensive business model

Levon expressed her appreciation for the program, which allowed her to break down her vision into manageable components, providing clarity and a strategic roadmap. Levon’s involvement in the virtual Mashup Community enriched her experience, giving her a valuable platform to gain feedback.

Levon also commended her facilitator, Paul, for his adept guidance and encouragement. She stated, “Taking this program was way out of my comfort zone, but Paul made me feel very comfortable.”

Since completing the DBP, Levon has achieved significant milestones. She honed her project pitch and gained support within her academic community at NSCC. She has seamlessly integrated her entrepreneurial goals with her academic pursuits, showcasing her determination to create a positive impact. Levon remains steadfast in her ambition to see a part of her non-profit organization come to life after graduation.

Building Dreams and Making a Difference

Levon emphasized how the program equipped her with essential entrepreneurial knowledge and helped her overcome personal challenges and doubts. It inspired and reinforced her conviction that she could bring her vision to life.

Levon passionately advocates for the program, encouraging others to embrace learning and step beyond their comfort zones. She says, “It never hurts to broaden your learning, and you can take it with you no matter what your future holds!”

Levon’s journey is an example of the transformative potential of education, determination, and a passion to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Her story highlights the importance of embracing your dreams, pursuing them, and encouraging others along the way.

As Levon continues on her path, we eagerly anticipate the positive change she will bring to the world through her non-profit venture. Let’s cheer her on as she builds dreams, one step at a time!

Are you ready to start embracing your dreams and making a difference? Join the DBP and discover your potential! Learn more and register at dreambusiness.ca!

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