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Would You Like To Have Andrew Speak At Your Next Event?

Now available for live, hybrid, and virtual events.

Whether you’re a rural community, a town or a city, an economic developer, a chamber of commerce, or any other organization, Andrew would love to explore being a part of your event as a:

  • Keynote speaker.
  • Half-day or full-day workshops.
  • Virtual events.
  • MC or Host.

Here’s Andrew’s Bio & Speaker Reel

Did You Have A Topic In Mind?

If not, here are some topics Andrew has spoken about in the past for inspiration.

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at the forces shaping our rural communities.
  • Hear stories of entrepreneurial transformation across North America.
  • Discover hidden opportunities waiting to be discovered in your community.
  • The #1 Missed Opportunity for Economic Developers
  • Five Lessons Learned From Running A Co-working Space
  • The Rise of Rural: How Rural Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World
  • Local Community Investment & Microlending.

Why Is Andrew A Great Fit For Your Event?

After a 15-year career working in rural communities with various innovation, businesses, and economic development organizations, Andrew Button founded Mashup Lab in 2014. Shortly after the launch of Mashup Lab, Andrew co-founded Awesome South Shore, a community-backed micro-fund that gives away $1000 a month – cash, no strings attached – to people with innovative ideas to do something extraordinary in their community.

Identifying a gap in resources and a need for support in his community, Andrew has since launched a community of 3  co-working spaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independents on the south shore under the brand WorkEvolved.

Andrew has worked with nearly 3000 aspiring entrepreneurs throughout rural North America, supporting them along the full spectrum of their entrepreneurial journey, from solopreneurs to 500+ person operations to innovative high-growth tech start-ups.

Andrew has graciously been invited to speak at numerous events and conferences around the entrepreneurial start-up space, including:

  • Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Annual Conference
  • Centre For Local Prosperity
  • CF National Event
  • NSCC (Instructor)
  • Inland Northwest Partners
  • Island Innovation
  • How We Thrive Conference
  • The Georgetown Conference
  • And many, many more…

Speaking Fees

In Person: $2000 + travel expenses | Digital: $1500

  • Andrew can deliver a 45-to-90-minute keynote presentation or a shorter session, depending on the availability of your conference.

Workshop Fees

Half Day: $3000 + travel expenses | Full Day: $5000 + travel expenses | Multi-Day: $8000 + travel expenses

  • Andrew can facilitate a variety of workshops or trainings on the topic of your choice.

Scholarships / Fee Waiver

  • If your event or conference is focused on bringing people together to figure out how to unleash the potential of rural places, we will gladly waive our speaking fee and share the insights we’re gaining and the things we’re learning with your audience.

Would You Like To Explore Having Andrew At Your Next Event?

We’d love to explore this with you! Please book a time in our calendar for a 10-to-15-minute Discovery Call on Zoom. 

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