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Creating Artful Tranquillity

Not far from the picturesque village of Baddeck, a small home business is taking its initial steps in creating artful tranquillity, thanks to the support of the Dream Business Program.

Overcoming Isolation

After retiring from teaching abroad, Nicoline found herself drawn to a cherished dream: combining her teaching skills with a soothing drawing method that uses structured patterns to create beautiful images. However, Nicoline faced challenges.

She lacked business training and living in a remote area, particularly during a pandemic, limited access and her chances to connect with fellow business-minded individuals. She shared, “Meaningful conversations rarely happen when you’re isolated.”

Enter the Dream Business Program, a lifeline connecting Nicoline with a group of like-minded individuals scattered across rural communities in North America, all nurturing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Community Support

Here, she discovered a supportive community of aspiring entrepreneurs, each with their unique aspirations. “Meeting and sharing experiences with others in the early stages of building small businesses was incredibly reassuring,” Nicoline shared.

This vibrant community of like-minded individuals became more than just fellow dreamers; they were pillars of support. Together, they navigated the early stages of building their businesses, sharing wisdom, and providing encouragement.

With determination and support, Nicoline’s dream started to take shape. “It took courage and a leap of faith to launch my first class, but I’m delighted I did. It filled up quickly, and it was heartwarming when customers requested more classes and kept returning. Suddenly, I transitioned from idea generation to responding to customer needs—creating new lesson plans, sourcing materials, and, most importantly, doing what I love: teaching and sharing.”

Nicoline shared a touching moment when she conducted a class that brought together three generations of a family, demonstrating how her creative pursuit appeals to people of all ages.

From Idea to Impact

As Nicoline’s small business, “Tangled Trails: Art for Tranquility,” gains momentum, she’s embracing the digital world to expand her reach, proving how technology can unite communities with shared interests and dreams, regardless of physical distance.

Nicoline continues to use the tools she was introduced to during the program. “I keep returning to the one-page Business Model Canvas, refining it as my business understanding grows,” Nicoline explained. This and the other tools introduced during the program played a pivotal role in maintaining clarity and focus during the early stages of entrepreneurship.

Nicoline’s story provides hope and inspiration for others who dream of starting their own businesses. It illustrates how a community of like-minded individuals, guided by supportive facilitators and equipped with practical tools, can empower aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence and knowledge needed to transform business dreams into tangible realities.

Nicoline remains active in the Mashup Community and in contact with our Mashup team. Her journey, just beginning, is a testament to the power of dreams and the support that can help them flourish.

Check them out on Facebook @tangledtrailsart

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