You have an excellent idea for your small business,
but what are you doing about it?

Mashup Lab Virtual Events are meant to bring a wide variety of people and backgrounds together to get the creativity and entrepreneurial juices flowing and to activate great business ideas. When people come together to share ideas, those ideas get more robust, and more ideas happen.

Mashup Lab has the knowledge and ability to host many online virtual events. Below are the various virtual events you are welcome to attend!

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Virtual Fireside Chats

An entrepreneur’s life is often busy and bustling, which can leave us feeling burnt out.

Join us for a chill chat around the virtual fire for a 1-hour check on how you’re doing.

This is a space to be heard, focus on self and community care, and ensure that we are all growing so that our businesses and lives thrive.

These sessions will have you feeling rejuvenated, supported, and recharged!

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Peer-To-Peer Mentoring

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on our independence and love sharing how we overcame challenges and celebrating our successes.

Our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring events are casual spaces to gather with new and old friends for a bit of motivation to keep you going.

These 45-minute chats will start with how-do-you-do’s followed by an introduction to a topic that every entrepreneur bumps into. Everyone will get to share their experiences, discuss approaches to solving issues, and self-select who they want to chat with on a particular success/challenge and how they approach it.

You’ll leave the Peer-to-Peer Mentoring with a refreshing buzz of connection that will help you take on your business’s next step.

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Virtual Networking

Sometimes we lack motivation or feel stagnant in our business and this can lead to a lull in activity.

Our Virtual Networking Events are little gatherings to help pump up your tires (metaphorically) by sharing the why, where, how, and with who of networking.

We’ll immerse ourselves in fresh possibilities in our 45 minute sessions and share connections that you can act on to support you and your business.

Leave the space feeling re-energized, full of ideas and ready to hop back on that bull-of-a-business. Who knows, you may meet your next business partner!

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Education & Technical Training Workshop

Who doesn’t love that relief when you find the perfect tool that saves time and improves efficiency?

In our Education and Technical Training Workshops, you’ll be introduced to the top business tools that may be the key to levelling up your business (or at least making certain parts of it way more enjoyable).

We’ll introduce the tool and then provide an opportunity for some questions and a conversation about similar tools that may be more suited to you and your business needs.

The sessions may leave you wondering, “Why am I just learning this now?” but yelping for joy at how your life will change for the better!

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