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Thanks For Reaching Out!

Your community will DEFINITELY thank you for it.

We’re thrilled that you were interested to learn about what we see as the BIGGEST missed opportunity in rural economic development and entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

Our Founder & CEO, Andrew, spent 15+ years working in various rural economic development organizations, but it was through his work with Mashup Lab that he began to realize that there was a MASSIVE opportunity that he had completely overlooked.

AND we’re excited to share this insight with YOU!!

BUT, before you watch the video below, we need your help with something:

If there is anything that Andrew shares that resonates with you or strikes a chord, we ask that you do TWO things:

1) Tell a friend or colleague working in rural economic development or entrepreneurial ecosystem building to head to www.MashupLab.ca and download this resource for themselves; we believe there is a TON of untapped potential “sitting on the sidelines” in EVERY rural community… and we’d love to connect with every single one of them.

2) Book a FREE Discovery Call with Andrew; he’d LOVE to chat with you about the cool stuff that is having an impact in your community… and perhaps share a few things Mashup Lab is learning that may help amplify what you’re already doing OR can give you a big “head start” with ACTIVATING untapped entrepreneurial talent in your community.

OK, here is the important insight we want you to have:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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