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Activation Events

You have a great idea for your small business,
but what are you doing about it?

When people together to share ideas, those ideas get stronger and more ideas happen.  Mashup Lab Activation Events happen both online and in person and are meant to bring a wide variety of people and backgrounds together to get the creativity and entrepreneurial juices flowing and to activate those great business ideas.

Mashup Lab has the knowledge and ability to host lots of different types of entrepreneurial events and we can work with community groups to develop a customized event based on your budget and economic development needs.

Some of the ongoing activation events Mashup Lab has profected and can offer to any community are:

Customized Virtual Programs

Our customized virtual programs, workshops and webinar sessions are comprised of hands-on activities and live coaching for up to 15 people.

They are customizable depending on your community needs and designed in such a way as to allow participants to get the most out of each session.

Led by experienced entrepreneurs with practical ‘real life’ experience of taking ideas and figuring out how to turn them in to viable businesses, these virtual workshop will help participants explore what “viable” means for them, cause them to think about some of the realities of pursuing their business idea, and gain a better understanding of the next steps they need to take in order to go from “pipe dream” to viable business.

Topics such as

  •  Exploring the Viability of Your Idea
  •  Turning Passion in to Business Ideas
  •  What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur
  •  Business Model Canvas
  •  Customer Discovery

With these programs and workshops we hope to expose entrepreneurs to the idea that entrepreneurship is possible and available to them, while making the idea of doing something entrepreneurial more approachable.

Speaking Engagements

After a 15 year career with various businesses and economic development organizations, Andrew went from being a ‘cheerleader’ and ‘curator’ of entrepreneurship to being an entrepreneur. Want Andrew to share his story with your community, ​and tell you about all the mistakes he made along the way, ​mistakes that you don’t have to make?

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Idea Challenge

You have a great idea, but what are you doing about it? Make more progress in 1 week than you have in the last year! 7 days, 7 daily challenges, all the advice, tools, information and “kick-in-the-butt” you need to get your idea off the ground.

  • 100% virtual
  • Daily challenges to keep you motivated
  • Informational videos to guide your next steps
  • Tools and resources; because you don’t know what you don’t know
  •  Private community group to share wins and keep you accountable
  • Live group check-ins to get advice from experts in launching new ideas

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Mashup Weekends

Mashup Weekend is a hands-on “roll up our sleeves and get ‘er done” experience in what it takes to bring a business idea to life. This energy-infused event is all about creative, innovative, and enthusiastic people coming together, sharing their ideas for new businesses, and working as a ​team to bring ideas to life over the course of the weekend.

  • Share an idea for a ​new business.
  • Build a team from all the awesome talent in the room.
  • Take action and begin to launch that business idea over the course of a weekend.
  • Stretch your creative muscles. ​Sharpen your skills. Collaborate with other talented and innovative people.
  • Hang with other marketers, graphic artists, developers, business enthusiasts, and generally awesome people.
  • Re-energize. Meet new people. ​Do something completely different.

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