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How Mashup Lab Is Unleashing Rural Potential Across North America

Below is a recording of our recent workshop at the Community Futures National Conference that ran from May 8th-10th in Ottawa. We had a ton of fun delivering this talk and meeting a bunch of folks who are making a big impact in their communities. A few of our friends and colleagues missed the talk, didn’t attend the conference, or couldn’t be in the room with us–so we wanted to share this digital version. Enjoy!

In this video you will:

  • Discover the #1 Missed Opportunity in economic development.
  • Hear stories of entrepreneurs in rural communities across North America.
  • Learn the two ingredients that every entrepreneur needs to be successful.
  • See the key lessons we’ve learned in the last 36 months of serving 100+ communities.

Are You Interested In Connecting?

If there is anything that Andrew shares that resonates with you or strikes a cord, we ask that you do TWO things:

1) Share this page with one friend or colleague working in rural economic development or entrepreneurial ecosystem building; we believe there is a TON of untapped potential “sitting on the sidelines” in EVERY rural community… and we’d love to connect with every single one of them 🙂

2) Book a FREE Discovery Call with Andrew; he’d LOVE to chat with you about the cool stuff that is having an impact in your community… and perhaps share a few things Mashup Lab is learning that may help amplify what you’re already doing OR can give you a big “head start” with ACTIVATING untapped entrepreneurial talent in your community.

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